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Discuss How to install on HP Pavilion DV5 1135ee,dv5-1138tx or similar pavilion at the Installation -; It took me a lot of time and reading to figure out how to install ...
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    Default [Guide] How to install on HP Pavilion DV5 1135ee,dv5-1138tx or similar pavilion

    It took me a lot of time and reading to figure out how to install Mac OS X on my HP laptop , This forum and several other forums helped me a lot , special thanks for "icchansan" as i found his reply to messages and topics so useful ,
    so i ll start by what u need .

    -HP pavilion Dv5 with nearly similar specs
    -Intel core 2 duo P8400 2.26 GHZ
    -IDT sound card
    -Nvidia 9600m graphics card
    -intel 5100 wireless card ( not working )
    -4GB Ram
    -Integrated 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN

    - Ideneb 1.4 ISO ( 10.5.6 ) found on many famous torrent sites

    - Empty 4gb DVD to burn the IDENEB ISO

    - i Tried this guide with an existing install of Windows 7 32 , my friend tried it on an existing install of vista 32 , so yes you can dual boot

    - Empty 20GB NTFS drive ( actually u can choose from 10GB to what so ever ) but 20GB is good enough BE SURE THE DRIVE IS PRIMARY .

    - Recovery CDs just in case something happened so u will be able to restore ur mbr.

    - files you may need RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting
    Password for extracting : beige
    includes Realtek ethernet lan driver , IOUSB Family fix, NTFS writing solution , chameleon ( a GUI solution for booting )

    lets start with the procedure :

    - make an MD5 check for the ISO to be sure its not losing any bit of data

    - Burn the Ideneb ISO file at low speed

    - Backup your DATA ( just in case something happens )

    - Restart your computer and go inside BIOS by pressing esc i think , then go to booting options
    and make your CD rom higher in priority than your hard disk , save and exit

    - Put your Ideneb DVD inside your computer and the computer should boot from it , if it did not press esc and then press F9 (booting options ) i think and choose cd rom

    - You will find a CLI counting 5 4 3 2 1 press any key while its counting to start installation

    - IF UR COMPUTER STOP AT This screen

    , restart ur computer using hard shutdown ( press power for like 5 sec till it force shutdown ) , when booting from CD 5 4 3 2 1 leave it until u find a command line type -v if the computer stops at the line waiting for root device i am sorry to tell you i have no solution but please provide me with your hard drive type and your BIOS type as i am collecting data about this issue with this laptop maybe we could figure it out

    N.B: i can't remember the order of the steps 100% but i am sure u will figure them out

    -After the apple logo ( 10 min to 20 min i think ) u will be asked to choose language , choose english


    - welcome screen


    - agree

    -go to utilities in upper task bar and choose disk utility

    - choose the empty NTFS partition and on the right hand side go to erase menu and then choose
    mac os extended journaled name : Mac OSX and click erase

    -choose destination ( Mac OSX ) , continue

    - know in install summary screen choose Customize this is very important as it instals kexts and fixes that will make your laptop work

    - choose this (only check what u know r what u need ) ,
    *ideneb essential system
    * ACPI Kext 10.5.6
    * PS2Fix Keyboard
    * Audio IDT (full working with out, in and mic) audio card
    * Chipset ICHx Fixed (the orange icons are also fixed)
    * Kernel don't select anything, it will install the default vanilla 9.6.0
    * BatteryManager
    * PowerOff_OH ( OpenhaltRestart.kext by Pystar )
    * NVdarwin for 512 (fully works, qe/ci enabled) the 9600m gt driver
    * IOUSBFamily (full working usb) USB Fix
    if u have a wifi card that is listed you are free to choose it, default intel 5100 don't have a driver

    under applications choose
    *change Finder
    *kext helper
    *osx86 tools
    * transmission

    i think are free to choose more , but this is what i chose .

    - The hard part is over , click done and install, then click skip checking

    -wait till installation is done , as the computer restarts and after the Hp logo put ur finger on the eject CD button don't remove untill u see the countdown starts 5 4 3 2 1 as soon as u see the 5 keep clicking the eject until it ejects before the 1 this will avoid booting problems
    if u saw MBR FAILED , BOOT ERROR then u did not do it in the exact time the "5" if u booted inside the Mac OS then you r 99% done ,

    -check this page it will guide you till you reach the desktop

    - after you r done to boot windows you can press esc while booting ( the 5 4 3 2 1 screen ) and choose the first option ill post a graphical solution later
    when i have some more free time

    - USB MAY not work but i will post the way to fix it ( hint u can install IOUSBFAMILY kext from osx86 tools ) it will fix the usb

    - after some repairs and fixes everything is working for me except the sleep, i am working on it , if some1 know the solution please pm me , and wifi does not work

    -info from Hackint0sh forums , insanelymac forums , chameleon forums
    -some of the pictures are taken from this topic ,
    other pictures from google
    -this guide is tested on DV5 1135ee , dv5-1138tx and may work on similar laptops IF U JUST GET PAST THE APPLE WATING FOR ROOT DEVICE PROBLEM
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    RESERVED FOR FIXES , more info



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