Hello everyone , this forums seems really busy ^_*

anyways i downloaded snow leopard by hazard 10.6+ the one for intle
cause i got acer aspir one D257
i installed mac secucessfuly
but the thing is right now

>> i have to use the USB to boot everytime

now my bootloader is NBI > http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36734475/NBI_084RC1.img.zip

from : this blog Computer Software is Your Friend: Snow Leopard on Acer Aspire One: Part 3: First Phase of Installation

note i have Snow Leopard from hazard

i want to be able to choose which to boot windows or mac WITHOUT USB

2nd NOTE: i notced my netbook only accept .dmg loaders
i tryed diffent loaders but they dont boot it says boot0:error

what i need :
so anyone can tell me how can i install the boot loader to my computer
i want to dual-boot , meaning i dont want to delete my windows 7
without booting my mac or windows from usb becuase i hate to use usb everytime !

by the way i made the partition in window7 and its active

i have acer aspire one d257

upgraded ( 2 GB of RAM)

full info Aspire One D257 Specs & Latest News | Acer | The Verge

color is black

thanks everyone for great help
god bless you and your family