Hello there,
So i have tried to install other versions of MAC... (iPC, iAtkos) but... when I install them the DVD rom won't open and again again again and again...
So I tried install iDeneb 10.5.6 success... Installed it and DVD rom ejected and gave me the CD... But when I try to boot after installation it gives that no boot file was found and trying to search MAC address through the internet... Then i do a recovery with windows 7 install disk... when iam in windows i add MAC OS X with EASYBCD... Ok reboot and trying to boot MAC and it says that the boot file is corrupted...
Any one can help? :\

P.S. My PC
Intel Core 2 Quad Core @ 2,4GHz
WD 500GB @ 7200Rmp
GF8800GTX @ 768mb
Windows 7 Ultimate @ 64bit

Please help ;\