Hi All
I am a total Newbie.
I have a dell laptop with Vista.
I got Kalyway10.5.2 and tried to install.
Seems to install but wont boot.
(well sometimes the installation disk "panics" & hangs but usually goes through)
Yep..seached the web. Searched this forum but couldn't find what i need.
Tried all the various fixes suggesten i could find.

The one that came closest was Howto: The Complete Mac Leopard Installation and Windows Multi-Boot Setup Guide"

This got me to the point where i could start to boot into Leopard but it would stop at a point and say something like

"You need to restart your computer. Hold down the power button.....
repeated in about 4 languages.

Laptop is a Dell inspiron 1520.

Can someone explain the bootloader process?
I "think" it works as follows

Whichever boot partition is active, the mbr code for that partition loads and simply loads a bootloader in that partition, which loads a bootmanager or some such.
If another partition is selected within that bootloader, then the bootmanager code is loaded from that other partition.

This is different to a MBR partition where the bootloader code is part of the MBR.

Question 2
When the Guid process is chained, is it a matter of simply pointing to a different bootmanager code on another parttion and if so what is its filename & path for leopard? (so i can use EasyBCD to do the deed)

Sorry if its a bit basic or not in terms most are used to.

Question 3
Does repairing the Vista boot process with "bootrec /fixmbr & bootrec /fixboot" (so windows will boot) write anything else which would effect anyother partitions on the disk?

One problem I found is that lots of people on the net give opinions & guesses, rather than what they actually know, so there are lots of different solutions out there but a lot of them have never actually been tried to see if they work.