hi people, after a research in the faq, the wiki, and the posts as well, I'm still unable to solve my problem.

I downloaded the ideneb 1.4 version (mac os x 10.5.6) , burnt the dvd, checked it and it was error free.

first, my pc is:
mobo: asus p5nsli
cpu: intel core2duo e3600
2 sata hard drives (the primary is empty, not formatted, and the secondary has the windows etc)
1 ide dvd drive
4gb ram ddr2 533mhz

so, I start typing -v and it stucks at "still waiting for root device".

As far as I know, after reading the faqs, I had to enable the raid settings in the bios for the primary master (causa that is suposed to be the way to set the AHCI mode as far as I know...
I did it, no changes.
I changed the dvd from the primary master IDE, to the primary slave IDE. No changes neither.

so, any ideas of what I'm doing wrong? please
thanks in advance