Hi all, firstly I want to say that I have tried like hell to get iDeneb_v1.6_1058_Lite_Edition to install correctly, but to no avail, firstly let me give you my relevant specs

Gigabyte MA770-UD3 Motherboard
- AMD770 + SB700 chipset
- HD Azalia Audio
- LAN is disabled in BIOS
- FireWire is disabled in BIOS
- ACPI option set to S1 in BIOS(read this elsewhere)
- SATA is enabled and set to AHCI
8GB DDR2 (4x2GB) Dual Channel 800MHz
ATi 5450 1GB Gfx Card
Athlon II x4 635 CPU (I am using cpus=1 btw)
SATA 160GB HDD (Partitioned with a single 30GB HFS+ primary atm)

Ok the ideneb disk would't even get to the installer. Just hanged after some messages going on about "after sleep", can't really remember too well (i have burned 4 DVDs and all verified OK, it's not a faulty install DVD and the md5 matched from the distro i downloaded). Eventually I got it up by using:

boot: mach_970 -v busratio=20 cpus=1

I started disk utility, erased the 30GB partition and prepped it as HFS+ Journaled. Installing the drivers, obviously the ATi driver, the SB700 driver (no mention of AMD 770 there tho' do I need a "kext" for that? Couldn't find one anywhere anyway and wasn't sure if the SB700 covered that or not, no information available). The fixes are a little confusing as I had no idea what I would and wouldn't need. Seeing as installing takes like an hour each time, trying each one in turn would leave me requiring a divorce. I thought I could simply boot from the DVD again and select other drivers and/or fixes/patches, but I cannot. Once there is an active HFS+ partition on my HDD the DVD will not boot, just starts the OSX install everytime i boot from the DVD, pressing f8 does nothing. Anyway, after 3 attempts (with different kernals) to install OSX just refused to boot. I would get the furthest with (-x) but it would hang on something about "AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement timed out" which seems weird for it to be doing that seeing as I have an AMD CPU, but as it timed out I am assuming that isn't the problem as it has gone past it (hence the "timed out") however nothing shows past that. The computer has not crashed, capslock light still toggles and I can actually type and the characters appear on the screen, clearly it's waiting for something that isn't happening.

I have tried numerous boot options, even single use mode and adding some kexts I found for my motherboard (yes i did the permissions and everything). But all to no avail.

This is all very frustrating, I know information is out there, but most of it is not useful unless it relates to the specific hardware you are using and most of that info does not give enough information for a newcomer to use. Also for a newcomer to this scene, it's difficult if not impossible to understand a lot of what is being said. The sheer volume of everything is frankly overwhelming, I am tring to get to grips with it tho' but out of desperation at my failure, I've posted here in the hope of some kind help.