Hello hackint0sh community!

I am new to mac and hackintosh and i have a laptop, Acer Aspire 5738G, and i want to install on it both Mac and Windows.

My problem is that, i install mac successfully but it always freezes on first boot

When i booted up with -v it gave me this : failed to load extension com.apple.driver.appleahciport

My system is Inte core2duo t6600, 4gb ddr2, ati 4570.

I tried installing both iATKOS and iDeneb but both failed. I install iDeneb but when i am in the first time configuration thing and i click next to the time machine or transfer from old mac selection, it rolls me back to the first screen (selecting language).

iAtkos installs too but in the first boot (whereas the mac loading cirle thing appears) either it will stuck there with a cross icorn or it will just keep loading for hours and hours...

What i want, someone to help me install both windows 7 and macintosh on this machine so i can do my job with mac and play lineage 2 with windows

if someone could help me i would appreciate it, ask me everything you need.

thank you!!!