Hello all,

I am not new to the OS X scene. I have used virtual machines setups, done netbook installs using NetbookCD/Netbook Installer and helped with multiple other types of OS X installs on non Apple Hardware with friends. The current issue I am having is a bit complicated so I will include as much detail as possible. Here we go....

I picked my hardware very carefully (so i thought). My hardware choices were primarily modeled after my Dell Mini 9; since I was so impressed with how smooth OS X ran on it. My thought process was similar Processor, Chipsets, etc would also result in similar installation precedures (not the case at all) and similar (if not better, due to the SATA HDD & faster buses) performance.

Here is the man list of components I purchased:
Seagate Hard Disk Drive - Item #: N82E16822148375
Kingston 2GB RAM - Item #: N82E16820134187
Jetway Bare Bones Setup - Item #: N82E16856107034
Lite On External DVD Burner - USB - Item #: N82E16827106296 (This is the same drive I have used for multiple other OS X Installs)

Since I assume that the installation problem I am having is due to the bare bones system (and in my opinion, more specifically, the BIOS) here are the specs:
Brand - Jetway, Model - HBJC200C91-230B
North Bridge - Intel 945GC
South Bridge - ICH7
CPU Type - Integrated Intel Atom CPU (1.6GHZ CPU)
FSB - 533MHz
BIOS - Award 8MB SPI Flash ROM, Pheonix-AwardBIOS v6.00PG
Onboard Video - Intel GMA 950
Onboard Audio - Realtek ALC662
LAN - Realtek RTL8102E

So now on to the problem. When any EFI loads, whether it be Psystar Rebel EFI, Emperor EFI, chameleon (rc2, rc3, rc4), NetbookCD, or My Dell Mini OS X Installer, the device boots (I can see the boot text flash for a quick second) and then the screen goes blank.

I do not know if the software is running properly and the display is malfunctioning or if the software is actually crashing. When I used My Dell Mini OS X Boot CD (which as all text based) it did in fact boot up, it just did not load the EFI properly because I could not get it to boot an OS X hard drive or OS X Installation CD.

I suspsect there is a BIOS setting that is preventing the EFI from loading. If you check the Psystar Rebel EFI Wiki it advises to set the following paramiters to allow the EFI to run properly:
1. Boot the computer into the BIOS settings.
2. Under the Advanced BIOS Features menu, set:
o HDD S.M.A.R.T. Capability [Enabled]
o CPU Enhanced Halt [Disabled]
o CPU Thermal Monitor [Disabled]
o CPU EIST Function [Disabled]
3. Under the Integrated Pereprhals menu, set:
o USB Keyboard Function [Enabled]
o USB Mouse Function [Enabled]
o Onboard SATA/IDE Device [AHCI]
4. Under the Power Management Setup menu, set:
o HPET Mode [64-bit Mode]
5. Save changes.
6. Exit BIOS Settings.

The problem I run in to here is that Phoenix AwardBIOS v6.00PG does not have all of these options available, as far as I know. I looked through each menu in the BIOS looking for all of these options.

Pretty much, that is where I stand. I think it is a BIOS problem but I am not positive. I know the disks are good as they boot properly on other machines, I know the drive is good because I tested it on the other machines also. I know the disk is booting because I see "vmlinux......." a flash of more text and then black.... Any suggestions, ideas questions or just a, "Hang in there, I am sure you will figure it out!" would be greatly appreciated!

Does anyone know if there is an update to the BIOS for this so I can set all options appropriately???

Jeffrey M. Simon

Thanks in Advance!