I have osx 10.5.8 installed, and decided to dual-boot winxp. The problem was after installing xp, I would get the hal.dll error, and found that deleting the 200MB partition fixed the install issue. Now, I cant boot into leopard, as the boot partition is gone. I looked at the partition numbers with fdisk, and found the osx volume to be partition 1, and the xp as partition 2. However, I noticed the start sector for partition 1 is showing 409640, which means the space where the 200mb partition was has not been used. Is there a way I can change the partition numbers to allow the 200MB partition to be partition 1, reinstall the bootloader partition, and NOT have to reformat osx??? I have a ton of stuff on there that cannot be replaced, and the only external drive I have is a network media drive, which I dont know how to backup whatever is on the OSX volume to that drive. Thanx in advance!