Hi there I have a hp ml115 which uses nforce 570 SLI

I wanted to get Lepoard up and running in vmware.
I downloaded ~pcwiz's VMWare Leopard Image but its intel only and I'm AMD(I didnt read the small print ) I assume this cant be patched for AMD?

I also have XxX OSx86 Leopard 10.5.6 Rev.1b (PPF1) AMD|Intel SSE2|SSE3 iso. When I try to install this the installed crashes inside vmware. Do I need to have tiger installed first to get this running?
Can this version of Lepoard run in VMware?
Does it need Tiger installed first?

I dont know if the stuff ive been looking at is out of date. Whats the best thing to do to get 10.5.6 running?

thasnk for any help