Hi There,

i am trying to install iDeneb v1.4 10.5.6 on my Dell Inspiron 1525 by following the guide at How to install 10.5.6 on Dell 1525 - iDeneb v1.4 antyalias

i can get through the installation fine untill it reboots and waits for the computer to standby etc. but the problem is that when i open the lid and bring it out of standby and it comes to the country select screen, i can click on australia, then click continue but then it freezes with the little spinning colour wheel thingy. i have tryed leaving it on that for a few hours but it never unfreezes, and if i leave it overnight i come back to it the next morning and it has shut itself down

these are the kexts i installed at installation:

*ICHx Fixed
*Network wifi Broadcom 43xx
*FireWire Remove

i guess my questions are:
1. are these the right kexts to install?
2. is there any way to fix the computer freezing at the country select screen?

many thanks in advance,