Hi guys,

I recently bought a Acer Aspire One (AAO) and with it came that snabby wintendows.

Last week I descovered on youtube that people re able to run OSX on it. So I want to do the same. I downloaded the iATKOS_7 via newsgroups and now I have a 3.67GB file.

I tried to make it bootable with disc ultility on my Mac but when it came to "restore" to a USB flash drive I get the following:
No scaninformation has been found. The sourcekopy has to be imagescanned before it can be restored"
Another strange thing is that when I burn iATKOS_7 to a DVD and mount it in windows for example it only tels me the disk is 800kb large... while on my Mac the ISO file is 3.67 GB.

To clear things, I used the following vid tutorial on youtube: YouTube - Installing OS X Leopard on Lenovo S10 via USB Flash Drive

So any advice will be apreciated as I whish to run OSX on my AAO and perhaps later on a AMD laptop.