I have a Acer Aspire laptop and I am getting totally fed up with the XP trashing my harddisc full. I have heard that it is possible to make my laptop dual system/boot capable, so when I start the laptop I get to choose starting up in XP or in Mac OS.
I am gonna shift more to working with Mac software, because it is just more stabile and doesn't fill my disc with trash and virusses. But for some programms I have got, I need to be able to use XP aswell.

I tried to find info here in the forum, but all the talking about codes, kernel (???) and other stuff just confused me, because although not totally unfamiliar with computers, this technical stuff is totally new for me.

Who can please help me by giving me a step by step a correct checklist of getting my laptop ready and then the needed software installed on it, so starting from scratch with a laptop full of windows trash and my files.

Thanks in advance!!!