I have 2 hard disk. The first one with vista and the second one with osx. I managed to boot both os w/o prob but there's something that I want to ask to maximize my hackintosh experience.

Because i installed osx on the second hdd, chameleon 2 also being installed on the same drive thus preventing it from booting automatically when i turn on my pc.

If i want to launch osx during startup, I have to select the 2nd hdd which has the osx and then chameleon will launch.

Is it possible to launch chameleon first instead of choosing which hdd to run?

I tried to change the priority of the hdd boot order (the 2nd hdd become 1st to boot) in bios and chameleon up and running during startup but the drawback is i cannot boot into vista after that. So i have to revert the changes back.

The system i used is HP Pavilion m9098d pc.