Hey everyone,
I am having trouble installing iPC OSx86 10.5.6 on my computer.
My specs are as follows (provided by System Profiler on install disk):

HP HDX16-1025NR
Intel ICH9-M AHCI Southbridge
Quanta 361B MOBO
Intel PM45 Chipset

When I get to the "Select a Destination" screen and go to Utilities -> Disk Utility, I am unable to mount any of my partitions on my HD. I have four partitions: Windows 7 / NTFS partition, Ubuntu ext3 and swap partitions, and a 45 GB HFS+ partition that I created in GParted.
When I try to mount the HFS+ (or ext3 for that matter) drive, it says, "The disk xxx could not be mounted. Try running First Aid on the disk and then retry mounting."
The option to run First Aid on the volume is not allowed, so I tried to verify it. After verifying, it gives the error, "Verify Volume Failed: Unrecognized Filesystem".
I know that the filesystem for ext3 is valid because Ubuntu works perfectly.
The HFS+ drive should be fine too. I just created it in GParted (created and erased many times). Even after trying to erase the volume, it gives me the error.
(If it matters, the NTFS drive gives the error "Verify volume failed: Invalid request".)
While watching the installation disk start in verbose mode, I noticed that when it tries to mount or probe the different volumes, it says that it is unable to and returns the error (0xFFFFFFFA).

Any suggestions?