Hey, I've been searching quite a while now on how to fix my issue.
I've installed Atkos v7 so I could dual boot Vista and Mac.
Burned the ISO to a DVD and started installing wich went pretty good.
I was even surprised to see that it found a driver for my touchpad.

I have a laptop: Acer 8920G with Intel T5750 2.0 Ghz and 4Gb of RAM, GeForce 9500 M-GS with 512MB. And I had read an article about someone who managed to install it with iDeneb on sort of the same model. Only the iDeneb didn't found my HDD, but iAtkos did so that was no problem =).

Ok so I ran through the installation, rebooted but then to find out that I could no longer boot into any of my partitions except the recovery partition (rdisk0 part 1) so I had a bit of luck there. But the Vista and Mac partitions won't boot.

When I use the gParted Live CD to change the 'boot' flag from the partitions.

Windows Vista will give this error on boot:
Boot 0: Done -> and it will instantly reboot (this is the very first thing I see after the BIOS screen)

Macintosh will give these errors on boot:
Boot 0: testing
Boot 0: testing
Boot 0: testing
Boot 0: error

This is very strange, I hope any of you could help me out.