Hey guys, Ive tried almost every distro and only iPC and iDeneb recognize my internal hard drive!
I successfully installed it onto my external drive but couldnt get the wifi working. But its no point for OSx to be on an external drive since i would have to carry it around!

So when I try to format my drive or even partition it, it gives me an error "Input/Output Error"
I also created partitions from Windows 7 (Created NTFS, FAT32)
I also used Partition Magic (GParted) to make HFS+.
Everything is being detected but cant be erased/formatted nor partitioned from disk utility!!
I really dont know how to get through this, Ive been looking for a solution for about 2 weeks now Please look into this!

The drive is totally formatted and it has nothing on it! Right now i have windows 7 installed but i am willing to format it again as long as i can be able to format through Disk Utility at the time of installation!

Please guys, help me on this!

Thanks a lot in advance