Hello all, well i'm not usually into macs but i think i'm starting to like it..

Anyways after installing 10.5.2 and trying to upgrade it to 5.6 so my 9600GT would work it all went sideways.. and since it was (as usual in these cases) 6 in the morning and i had to *get up* at 7 i kind of gave up... Now though loaded with patience and fresh box of DVD's i'm ready for it again.. however i don't want to waste more disks and time (at least on installing os)

I would like to know which build and options would you suggest me to install...again...

Here're my specs:

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3R

CPU: E8400

Video: Nvidia 9600GT and i also have ATI HD4850 (which i had to take out because Vista was bitching)

And i got a fresh 1TB Barracuda HDD for this experiment.