Hi, I am trying to fix my friends hackintosh but am having a problem.

After installing windows7 to a blank 2nd drive in his hackintish everyting was fine, could boot either by selecting the drive in the bios. However then tried to create a proper boot menu and in doing so changing around which partitions were active (this might have been the wrong thing to do) and everything went wrong. After using windows disk to repair the windows drive MBR, OSX will not boot.

I think his osx is an ideneb install.

If I try boot straight from the HDD with OSX installed i get

I have tried booting using a boot-132 vanilla disk, selecting the right drive however for some reason the OSX System partition appears as an NTFS windows option and will not boot, giving boot1:error. However when I boot into windows the drive is recognised as a HFS drive and can be read fine using macdrive software.

Booting into windows I used easyBCD and added a mac option. after choosing this option on boot i go into chameleon where If i press a button immidiately to boot from "data" i get cannot find mach_kernel, but I think this is trying to boot from the wrong place anyway. then I am given 4 options, where I think

1=windows hidden 100mb partition
2= boots into windows
3= gives BOOTMGR error, I htink this is the last partition on windows drive for data
4=probably the OSX system partition, selecting this gives
calling chainbooter

I'm not sure which section i need to fix and how to go about doing it, do I need an OSX disk, if so will I need a vanilla one or an ideneb. and how can I find the correct version to download if i cannot boot OSX.

I can access the drives from within windows, is there a way to fix it that route?