I have an eeePC 1000HA with 2gb of ram.
i have read many many tutorials and i just cannot seen to get this to work.
After i swap out the bootloader cd with the retail disc to load OSX the screen looks as if the disc is loading

then it stops loading and the cursor just blinks

then the screen goes black and nothing happens.

i have been reading one tutorial in particular for netbooks and it says to enter these boot commands.
-s single user mode
-v verbose
-x Safe mode
-f Force load
"Graphics Mode"="800x600x32"

so i press f8 to enter boot commands at this screen

(the big white bar is just the name of the OSX disc to load)

i enter any 1 of the boot commands and hit enter then then get this screen

after this nothing happens for about a minute then the screen goes black again and nothing ever happens so then i turn off my pc.

the problem is i dont know how to enter multiple commands, i dont know if this will even solve my problem but i figured it couldnt help. if anyone could give me a few pointers or set me an the right track i would gradly appreciate it

if it helps im using this tutorial
eee Mac journey: Install OS X on an EEE PC 900A, 901, 1000, 1000H, 1000HD (and possibly HE) Version 1.11 Now with working ethernet!