Hey guys i successfully installed iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 on my pc. After one hour of installation it was finally done.I clicked on Customize before i intalled it and chose my system out of the opportunitys.
my hardwar is:
MB Intel GIGABYTE EP-45-ds3 / S3 775
CPU Intel Core Duo Q9550 775

I think i have chosen the right things and tried few times to install it. But there were two results: the First one was after i booted he apple logo showed up but after then the pc telled me to restart the computer. After ive restared it it showed up again an that went on and on.
The second result was after i changed some preferences in the custumize application pre installing it loaded after the install but after two minutes it showed me a cross and it didnt went on.
Could you please tell me what to choose in the customize sceen before i install 10.5.5 or give me another solution to solve the problem?
i have chosen
ac97 audo
the newest kernel
geforce witch 512 mb