I installed Osx Snow Leopard 10.6 & Windows 7 Daul boot on 2 seperate HD's. I had everything working on my hackintosh then my Motherboard died, so I removed it and returned it to Gigabyte,I got the motherboard back after 60 days from Gigabyte.While it was gone i needed files off the Windows 7 Drive so I put that in my other Pc and did a backup.I ended up formatting the Windows 7 drive and using it in my other Pc.I still had the other drive with the OSX on it,so i put the Hackintosh Machine back together, put the drive in it that had the OSX on it,I booted my machine but the Osx drive does not boot up.I think its because the Win 7 drive had the Boot Selector on it,but im truely not sure,and I do not want to make a mistake and loose that drive.Any Ideas of what I could do to get the drive to boot again?Thanks for all your help!