Just thought id share this with people in case it saves just one person the agony I went through.

After MONTHS of trying to get a working install I finally found the problem.

I had used iAtkos previously for an old 10.5.2 system, but went back to windows for a while. I tried later to install the newer iAtkos to get anything higher than 10.5.2 and it wouldnt work.
I could run the installer fine, and it claimed to install ok, it would begin to reboot then crash during boot. EVERY TIME.
I tried every bios tweak, install option, trick etc I could and nothing worked.

Then at last after days of trying to install I took the DVD out of the drive and threw it in the bin, meanwhile my Wife wanted to use the PC and turned it on.

IT booted fine!!!

The simple presence of the install DVD in the drive was the thing stopping it boot.

Now, if this is a known issue, why hasnt anyone mentioned it anywhere!!! If its not, I hope this post saves somebody else the problems I had.