Hi i have sucsessfully instaled IDeneb 1.6 Snow Leo
But after the install if i try let it boot after verifying DMI Pool i get C$ and nothing else
If i use Dual Boot with my win7 using EasyBCD
Chamelion Apears and takes me to the Grey Apple Logo but my system Stalls i left it for 8 hours thinking it was just slow but no progress
i relise that on my BCDboot record it looks for mac on C:\ but its not there its on V:\ But Being Hidden because its now a HFS+ format i cant change that
Oh how i hate BCD what heppened to Boot.INI lol
anyway my hardware is
Motherboard: Nforce4M-A (Latest Ligit Bios)
Ram: 1 800Mhz DDR2 2GB
1 800Mhz DDR2 512MB
Processor: AMD 64 Athlon 3200+ (AM2)
Sound: Soundblaster Pro
Graphics: 1 PCI-ex16 PAlit.BIZ Nvidia GeForce 9500 1GB+ @ 1251MB
Hard Drive : Hitachi 250GB SATA3 in SATA slot 1
Partition 1: MAC (HFS+) 50GB (V
Partition 2: Widows 7 Ultimate Alienware ED (NTFS) 170GB (C
OPtical Drive: LG DVD Burner/ReWriter - Multi Layer

So Helps ???