Hey everyone, sorry if my english isn't the best because I'm german .

So, at 1st, here are some information about my notebook:

Modell: X70K
MB Vers.: F7Kr
Processor: AMD Turion64 X2
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD2400
3GB of RAM

I guess I should get some more informations later.
So, I've tried to install iDeneb v1.6 10.5.8 Lite Edition. The installation was successful and it's also rebooting. Then, after I've choosen the Apple Logo there in that BootLoader Chameleon v2.0-RC2 r640. (iDeneb is installed on disk0s2, so on the 2nd partition. I've deinstalled Win7 and installed WinXP on the first partition.) If I don't enter anything, just press enter, then the grey background comes with the Apple Logo, I can see the Laptop is working, that little cirlce is spinning. Then after some the screen turns kinda blue for like a half second and the screen turns off, not black but off. And that's the point I'm asking for help. One hour ago I just pressed everything (hehe ) and the laptop went in something like standby. I pressed a button and the laptop turned on again.
Could it be Mac OS X is running in the background somehow? Is there any command the laptop will use only the laptop screen? I don't have any monitore to test the VGA output of my laptop.
Any questions? I don't know what else to write :< .
Thx for answers