But of course, to no avail. I've searched and googled but feel like I'm just in a sick loop between this site and insanelymac. Neither seem to have members working with comps like mine. I'm not using a distro but a boot 132 and retail CD.

I hang up after "MAC Framework Successfully Initialized" at "dsmos: starting" (which is just the gray apple, no loading wheel). BIOS issue, incompatible with the Intel P45/P43 chipset? Searches lead me to dead end threads with "just search this, you'll get your answer".

Intel Core2 Quad Q8200
Nvidia GeForce 9600M GT
Motherboard is a Dell OC142H [unsure here]

So please tell me I'm a moron or I just can't do this on my comp. Either one is a welcome answer at this point. Thanks for anything.