Hi everyone, I have a question. If let say I have installed iATKOS v5i and updated to 10.5.6, even though knowing some of the drivers do not work like internal headphones and mic, as well as language localization issue (I cannot change my localization for loginwindow.app during login regardless if root user is logged in and changed to my locale, say Chinese because by default iATKOS has removed all languages except english and I had found my way for those interface language pack.)

Now can I use iPC X-DL 10.5.6 and select my locale, say chinese for example and install only related drivers and no patches as well as Base System (Obviously!) at all and my mac become fully working one.

PS: I seemed to have issues with iPC X-DL graphic where I cant get internal monitor working, it is possible that I have mistaken previously that actually, what I got, was 3 screen in 1 internal display @ 800*600 resolution (And the wait was too long for me to determine if it is a death or being way too slow to be usable.) which is why i ended up with iATKOS.

PS: I am installing it on existing hackintosh (iATKOS) partition.