I have a TOSHIBA SATELLITE PRO L40-17G laptop. ive managed to install iAtkos and everything is fine except for two things:

1) I have to disable multi-core processing
2) The 3.5mm headphone jack doesnt work

sound works through my speakers fine though, i have an ALC660 sound card inbuilt. now heres the tricky part, i installed iDeneb 1.4 the other day (i had to revert back to iAtkos 5i because various things didnt work properly, wifi, graphics etc...) and i noticed a driver for the ALC660 in the customize section, which i installed. it worked perfectly!

the question im asking is, is there any way to install the ALC660 sound driver from the iDeneb installation disc onto my iAtkos leopard setup, without having to completely install iDeneb. can i somehow rip the driver from the disc? or if no, does anyone know where i can obtain the driver from?

Any help would be HUGELY appreciated!