Well I finally got the old reliable operating. This machine used to be my Son's running Windows Vista (did I say he is the most patient son in the world) well here goes.

Distribution: iAtkos V7
Current update: 10.5.8
Status: Operational
What works: Sleep, Sound, Screen (no external monitor), Wireless (cheated and replaced the Atheros with an original Apple Card (from my old MacBook Pro which had gotten updated to "N")
What does not work: External monitor (goes nuts can not display on either screen). Internal NIC.

Need: Solution to two things 1) External Monitor (would really like to take this baby when I do presentations as a spare machine). 2) CPUS=1 otherwise I get the shakes on the monitor these two are likely related.

What went well, iatkos installation you need to start from the base distro and then make sure you select Voodoo PS2 drivers otherwise keyboard and mouse go away. The GMA in the distro did not work on this machine had to find a more current GMA950 driver and NATIT kext which were installed with KextHelper.

Overall, machine runs very smooth so far, Apple Software update worked with no issues.

Could I live on this box. YES.