I need some help here.

First of all, the hardware specs:

Ram - 2 gig
CPU - Intel Core Duo T2370 (1.73 GHz, FSB 533 MHz 1M)
Chipset - Intel GL960 OR Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family (unsure which is applicable)
Video - Intel GMA X3100

I have tried installing iAtkos v5 a bunch of times and it installs fine then when i try to boot from the newly installed partition it freezes on the loading screen (if that is what the grey screen with the apple logo and the revolving circle is).

booting with -v tells me nothing useful, it seems to freeze on different commands.

I guess right now im looking for solutions to make iAtkos work or another distro that would be more suitable for my computer.
XP just doesn't cut it, Linux doesn't run the CS3 or 4 programs i need and Vista is irritating.
Thanks for your help in advance