Well its not really 20 quesiton but I do have a few.

A quick review of where I am should help. I have a old Dell XPS (Gen 5) with 3 partitions, 1 for MS, 1 for IOS and a sharedthat I decided I want to become a MAC just to see could i do it. I have never had or really used a MAC before so from that view I am a noob. I read up about the iAtkos project and manage to get v7 90% complete but keep getting the hangs when IOS is loading up for the first time. Still working on it here, think it is just my config is set up worng. So I am looking to know is . . .

1. is iAtkos the only/best tool that can install MAC to a Intell PC?
2. Can i directly install a newer version of IOS? Lion or SL? Seems to be i have to upgrade from leopard from the Itunies store?
3. How much would Lion be to buy in the shops or online? I see you can upgrade for 30 bucks but what if you have nothing to upgrde from?
4. Do Apple support MAC software on PCs? Do they sell software that can do it "Offically"?
(ATkos)5.When customizing an install what would happen if I selected every driver? should everything not just work?
6. If a driver for my hardware is not on the iAtkos image can I install it anyway, via usb or burn another DVD? Remember i still cant load IOS yet. using the Iaktos tool to install it but it wont book. I can access terminal in IAktos.
7. How can i get the latest patches for iAktos v7? or is there a newer version out yet?

Thats it at the moment.