Hey guys, just before hanging mylself, i think i'll give it a go,

i've just installed the itakos V7 and I have 2 major issues with it:

1)I didn't install graphics driver during the installation process. It worked but I had a few graphics issues when using it for the first time so i've used osxtools to update the boot string with the matching driver. since the restart I'm suffering from this problemthis isn't me we share the same bug)
YouTube - OSX86 Running Problem
blinking blue screen during operation.
Any thoughts?

2)The other problem I have is that I've installed the osx86 in a new drive when the bios was in SATA-AHCI mode. on another drive i have win xp that was installed whit the BIOS in STAT-IDE mode. How can I make the XP work in SATA-AHCI mode without reinsalling windows? when I try to use the recovery consloe it just crashes. even microsoft support couldn't help.
what do you think?

My rig is intel e6600
gigabyte GA-95P-DQ6
gigabyte nvidia 6600 256M