I was having some trouble with my iAtkos 10.5.7 install, so I did a complete reinstall with a different distribution, and now have 10.5.8 running on a partition on the same disk as Vista and XP.

My onboard Realtek High Definition Audio ALC888 worked with the VoodooHDA selection, sort of: the VoodooHDA system pane works with a few controls active, and I have sound output, but the system profiler shows no devices for onboard audio.

For Ethernet, I chose the AppleYukon driver for my Marvell Yukon 88E8039 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller, and had to modify the AppleYukon Info.plist and edit it for my model and hardware string (435311ab), which got it working.

For my NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT 256 MB, I chose the NV Kush driver, which worked out of the box. I was able to enable Quartz support with OSX86Tools. A few times, the screen will go corrupt and lock up the whole system, like in this picture, which has happened a few times so far:
Board Message

For a kernel, I chose the non-vanilla 9.8.0. This seems to work, but I have to boot with '-v maxmem=3072' in my boot flags (there are 4 GB of RAM in the system).

I was able to update system software using the stock Software Update utility.

What doesn't work: I can't let the system auto-boot when booting into OSX. I'm using the VIsta loader, and an EasyBCD entry for the Mac partition. If I manually choose the Mac partition after selecting the Mac boot option, it boots fine. But I can't add a boot flag for the partition, which just results in a chainloader message and never moves. At the boot prompt, my Mac partition shows up as (0,3), but while in OSX, it shows up as 'disk1p3', so maybe that's part of the reason?

I also can't cleanly shut the system down, or reboot. After logging out, I see "you can safely shut down" but it never turns off or reboots. I also can't let the machine or the display go into sleep mode, as it never comes out.

The partition is on a SATA disk, and it boots, so I assume the disk drivers are working. The motherboard uses an nForce chipset. There are also IDE and USB disks attached, and those seem okay too, though I get a prompt to initialize two of the disks every time it boots into OS X.

Don't know if firewire works yet, but I hope so, so I can use GarageBand with a new Firewire interface that's coming in the mail.

I tried running Marvin's AMD Utility, but I just saw the spinning beach ball icon and the machine locked up after that.

That's all I can think of at the moment. It would be great to get this stuff working, or to learn what else I should test and how to make sure things are okay.

I would also like to upgrade to Snow Leopard, as I have a retail upgrade disk, but it doesn't sound like that is possible.