Safari VS Firefox? Well I like the cleaner interface of Safari, and it sometimes feels a little more stable, but the Firefox add-ons still put it ahead. Also Firefox renders pages a little faster and I find its book marking system better. Safari suffers from the all too common Apple disease of sacrificing looks for limited or too hidden functionality (ever used an Apple Mouse?) While Chrome has a cut down look all you need to do is CTRL T for a new tab (Like the other browsers) but you get a visual list of often visited sites. If you just wanted to google something you can just enter the term into the url bar and it will google it automatically, or give you a host of url options. Its brilliant! What is cool to check out is when you have multiple tabs open enter CRTL ALT DELETE and take a look at your processes, you will notice an individual process for each tab. This is great because if you get bad code in a site crashing one tab it does not affect the others.
Sorry to hijack the thread, but it is a slightly Apple bashing topic I guess I'm no fanboy for either side but I'm sure there is a troll lurking under a bridge somewhere here that will tell me I'm a fag