Hello everyone,
I have an Iphone 2g (the silver one) and I believe I short-circuited it. I dropped it in the toilet, retrieved it really quickly and dried it off with a towel. I then plugged it into it's charger, it flashed white and returned to the normal screen. Everything on the screen is fine, the buttons still work well. Except, ... It won't charge now. I should have waited longer before plugging it back in, but I panicked.

I really don't want to get a new one.. but I will if I am forced to... It has so many of my pictures on it, though. And I'd really rather not pay =/.
Is there anyway I can revive my poor iphone? I am debating taking it apart and replacing the charger. The only part that does not work is the charger, it can't seem to be detected by the charging cord. I am convinced that the charger part is the only part that's damaged because the on/off button still responds, the 'Charge battery' logo comes on, and the touch worked (while it was alive). Though, I know I short-circuited it. Could anyone help me?

Either I replace the battery (somehow) or I take it into the apple store. I own a Macintosh too, with the wireless keyboard and mouse. I don't know why, but the macintosh continues to make weird noises, and my mouse doesn't scroll up and freaks out sometimes. For instance, I'll be browsing a website and if i try to scroll down the computer scrolls up, as if something is continually pressing up on it.

So, with these malfunctions of my apple products (computer and keyboard and mouse I have warranty for. Iphone I don't)
Does anyone believe I can make an argument to my apple products (meaning, bring them ALL in for inspection..) and get a replacement on my iphone?