Yesterday I bought a US iPhone (without at&t sim, but with a turbosim) with otb 1.1.2. The shop jailbreaked it using the turbosim and all was good. Even upgraded to the jailbreaked 1.1.3 and everything was peachy. Till I installed an app that crashed my iPhone.

All I could do was reboot and hang during boot and enter recovery.

So tried jailbreaking it again. Could get 1.1.2 running on it again using iTunes (downgraded to 7.5), but that was locked after installation.

Tried downgrading to 1.1.1, using the guides on the internet and independence and/or jailbreak 1.1.2 as tool.
1.1.1 gets loaded it seems, and I do get the 1015 error, which should all be peachy. But firing up independence (guide tells me to use the 1.3.1 version since I'm using iTunes 7.5) makes it crash immediatly, or gives me the error that it cant do a call thing (depending if I fire it up as user or as root (root does't do anything, user gets the error).

Jailbreak 1.1.2 just hangs on the waiting for reboot for about an hour when I decide to cancel it.

Im running from a mac as you might have geusssed, and I don't have access to a windows box for at least 2 months.

I am seriously doubting if I really am stoopid (not a newb in hacking, just not in hardware hacking ) or if there is something dodgy about my iTunes/tools/turbosim/iPhone.....