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Discuss Dead iPhone 2G 16gb at the Hardware Unlock -; hello guys!!! ok this is my problem iPhone was on 3.1.2. jailbraken on blacksn0w and ...
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    Lightbulb Dead iPhone 2G 16gb

    hello guys!!!

    ok this is my problem iPhone was on 3.1.2. jailbraken on blacksn0w and working fine for almost a 2 years???

    and than i started to use 2 chargers one was some china made by, and other was from apple...

    i have used phone a lot, and so i had to almost every night to recharge phone, and one day on the job i have used chinesse charger, and when phone batery was full i have start touse phone, and phone was in my pocket after 30 min i have notice that phone was so HOT i couldnt even hold it in a hand...

    and i couldnt see nothing screen was black with no apple logo, after phone got cold again, i have put him again on charger ( chinese ) he turned on and worked fine...

    two days after phone turned off by him self and started to blink like it was booting and all i could see it was apple logo, i have turned phone oof, and staretd him again, phone was ok, and few sec later sam problem just logo was on screen...

    i had turned phone off, and untill then i didnt make it to start phone, and i remeber that batery was full...

    now when i connect phone to itunes it wont be reconized, no dfu mode or safe mode nothing like am holding brick

    is there any hellp....

    sorry 4 bed eng grammar...

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    I'm going to think this has something to do with one of the chargers -- after 2 years this isn't covered under warranty anymore, I'd imagine either overvoltage or similar has impacted the usability of the battery that is in the device. A quick(ish) fix would be to engage a local iPhone repair shop with the device, if you get the right kind of shop you'll be able to walk the device in and work with the tech while he's working on it -- if you describe the behavior it should be easy enough for someone with the tools to break it open, unhook the current battery, and test a replacement -- that way you know if it's going to fix it.

    Alternately you can just have Apple do an out of warranty repair for the $100 or $200 it will cost, but I think you'd be better served stopping by a local shop if one exists. In either case, I'm pretty certain this is a hardware issue and if you don't want to worry about your phone catching fire in your pocket, the best bet would be to get that battery replaced.

    That said, it could be problems elsewhere -- the charging circuit could have blown, etc. I've seen all sorts of things with knock-off chargers and cabling, so your mileage may vary.
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