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Discuss [1.1.2 OTB] Upgraded to 1.1.3, will HW unlock, but No SIM error at the Hardware Unlock -; First of all this is a Hardware issue, but I keep getting database errors on ...
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    Default [1.1.2 OTB] Upgraded to 1.1.3, will HW unlock, but No SIM error

    First of all this is a Hardware issue, but I keep getting database errors on the hardware forums.When its fixed feel free to move it!

    Well I got my hands on a 1.1.2 OTB which was unlocked using a nextsim.
    They owner bought it from someone else that forgot to mention not to upgrade it and I don't need to go in any details.
    The phone was upgraded to 1.1.3(quick question: can this be HW unlocked right now?)
    The owner tried to do a little downgrade and jailbreak by himself but the phone has another problem that doesn't allow a jailbreak.
    He had lost the next sim inside the phone. He used 2 needles and managed to remove it.I didn't see the nextsim as it wasn't in the phone when i received it, but I guess it must have been destroyed.
    Anyway thats not the issue. I downgraded the phone to 1.1.1 and got it out of recovery mode. I m trying to jailbreak, but to jailbreak you need a sim card in the phone.
    I tried both an AT&T sim card and local sim cards but the phone doesn't seem to recognize any sim card.
    I asked the owner if he thinks he might have damaged any part of the sim reading pins of the phone but he said he was really careful.He is a relative and I'm not going to charge him for anything so he doesn't have any reason to lie to me , even though its possible he damaged it and didn't realise it.
    Anyway when I slide the simtray in it slides in fine.When I try with the simcard in the simtray I get a small resistance when its halfway in and after a very small push, then the rest slides in as easy as the first half.

    I think that the simreading pins probably are damaged on bend. I've already started dismantling the phone but though to ask you guys if anyone has experienced this no sim problem and give me a head up on what could be causing it!

    Forgot to mention that I tried to view the versions and other info of the phone and cant see them. I see the versions and all but its grayed out and cant click/press? anywhere!And the sim card I was using when trying to jailbreak was the one included in my 1.1.1 iphone!

    EDIT: Ok, I've read a little around and found out that I would have to wait for 1.1.4 to do a HW downgrade on the bootloader, correct me if I'm wrong.
    But the problem with the phone is that it doesn't recognize a sim card, nor I can see anything in that page that has the VERSIONS link/button?
    Everything is grayed out. Is this a hint that the phone does not have a baseband firmware or its corrupted?
    I'm just trying to jailbreak it and return it to them so they can use it as an iPod until 1.1.4 is released
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