I'm having problems with my X800 GTO2. For a start, I have no idea how to enable QE/CI/OpenGl and all that, and also, my graphics card doesn't seem to want to disply 1280x1024. I have forced that resolution via the Boot.plist file and now OS X doesn't boot. It doesn't progress any further than the command line boot up. It says login application window started, but I don't see anything. 1024 x 768 works fine though.

VMWare however can boot into OS X at 1280x1024, so I can make changes with VMWare.

So, first, how can I get 1280x1024 working natively, and second how can I enable all that stuff.

The problem I'm having with QE and everything is that the X800 GTO2 isn't a normal gto, it runs of the R480 core which is is also used on the X850 Pro, XT and XT PE. And i've enabled 4 extra pp. So I really have no idea what to listen to on the forum.

So what do i need to do to get my R480 core X800 to work?