I'm loving my Macbook Pro, and as I don't game anymore I was thinking about converting my Win7 desktop computer into a hackintosh, but would this combination of hardware work?

CPU: Intel Core i7-920
MB: ASUS Rampage II GENE Republic of Gamers
RAM: Corsair XMS3 3 x 2 GB (1600 MHz CL8)
GFX: Club 3D Radeon HD4870 (1 GB)

I haven't decided what hard drive to use just yet. I have a Intel SSD, but I properly won't be using that the first time I install OS X. Maybe later, when I have a feeling of it running as it should.

Besides the above I have a Samsung S-ATA dvd writer and a Corsair HX620w PSU. All the hardware is assembled in a Fractal Design R3 case.

Would the above hardware work? If not, what parts should I change?

I have yet to find someone running OS X on this specific Asus MB..

Thanks for the help!