I've been running a perfectly good hackingtosh on this mobo for quite sometime already, all I had to do is get a Mod for the BIOS.
I installed iDeneb Leo, but had some issues with iLife, iDVD specifically, so I had to downgrade to XxX Tiger 10.4.11, which has held up pretty good.
All ProApps work just fine, for awhile I had to use a realtek 9139 network card, but I found the correct kext for the onboard NIC.

I'd like to upgrade to Leo or Snow Leo, but haven't succeeded, it's something with the CPU flag.

Anyone has any success installing Leo or SnowLeo in this type of board? or if successfully installed with any of the bootloaders?

AsRock 945CGM
Intel Core2Duo E4500@2,19GHz
nVidia 7200GT
WUSB54 USB Wireless using ralink 2500kext, with some mods.