hey, im new to this whole forum thing.. but i'll cut to the chase.

I have tried and tried to get the internal Atheros wifi card in my acer to be recognized by Mac OS X, after search and search in google, and other mac forums.. no luck.. i dont have enough resources on my laptop to run dual boot windows and mac.. so thats not an option either.. if anyone has a kext file that could help me out to get the internal card working.. there would be many many thanks..

also, i found a USB wifi adapter; a D-Link DWA-130 wireless n adapter, that i was able to find mac drivers for on the interweb (intentionally spelt wrong), but the interface is messed up and if i try to connect to a secure network with the network key, it says.. "Error: the key must be 10 to 26 characters long" and even if i put the correct key in, it still says it..

If anyone can point me in the right direction to solve either of these problems... it would be greatly appreciated..

thanks in advance

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