hi guys,

im a newbie here so apologise if this has been asked, if you could link me that would be great.

ok so i have looked in to hackintoshing the dell mini 10v and was happy to do this my self and try to get the 2gbram install as well, but on gumtree some guy is selling his mini 10v 2gb osx for about 240 and i would rather buy then do myself as its a lot easy.
the guy done it amonth a go and has all discs boxes and warranty for the dell need to ask why his getting rid of.

im gona test it first and i want to see if theres anything i have missed out that i should test.

1) powering up and down
2)check system pref that it does have the 2gb
3)play a video and music also testing speakers and insert headphones to check.
4)check web cam and check with skype calling my mate
5)usb posts with usb pen and mouse
6)(mic port not sure how to test as dont have mic please suggest)
7)run 3 programs at once testing

please add any others you may think of, also if any upsets happen i will be able to just reinstall windows or reinstall the osx (just making sure :-) )