I am looking for a recommendation on what to buy. I have looked at Mac OS X Netbook Compatibility Chart but come away more confused what I should buy.

I hate to say it but my first priority for it is to test Win 7/IE8/9. Second to that is to have a small portable Ubuntu LAMP desktop, and third would be to have a backup Mac OSX. I figured I might as well get some advice now instead of regretting it later.

So I guess that I am looking for a well rounded machine. Battery life is not a huge one (I say that now and I am sure I will want some to watch movies and have a long coding session on my next trip across the country ). Since it will have 3 different OSes, I probably want a 200GB+ drive. I would rather spend a little more and get the right machine then try and shoehorn one only to beat my head against the wall.

Thanks for any help you can provide!