Ive got a really frustrating problem

If I load 10.6.x the sound works beautifully for my Intel ICH7 HDA but the Realtek 8178b wil lnot work for love nor money.

If I load 10.5.x I get great Wireless but no sound!

I've chosen the more compatible 10.5.x as wireless wins it for me, can anyone help with my sound?

Ive tried numerous installs of voodooHDA but I either get a reboot and no sound, or I get a kernal panic - yet in 10.6 thats the driver I use when installing and it works fine??

Ive tried lots of patched, none panick ones etc. but I dont get sound.

MY install method:

1) Download the voodooHDA kext
2) Delete any HDA kexts (i only find one - AppleHDA)
3) Run voodoohda in kext helper, clicking the advanced and 'permissions' button, then click easy install.
4) at this point it says everythings ok and either reboots with no sound or kernal panicks

I also tried with the self extracting install package, same problems.
I installed the pref.pane and this just errored with I/Oerrors -presume it cant see the driver.

Where to try now? I was think ing about doing a fresh install and then installing the driver off the 10.6 disk i have, other than that im baffled. Cost option is to load 10.6.x and go buy a new mac usb wireless dongle, but cant let it go that it works in 10.5!

Thanks in advance

(p.s. Kelway is the 10.5, iatkos s3 v2 is the 10.6 - maybe theres ana dditional patch iatkos is installing?)