Hi Guy's

I've just build my first Hackintosh after about a fortnight of scratching around the web & 11 rebuilds - I've finally got everything working - just!

The only remaining problems are....

1) Frequent screen "blackouts" when I enter various menus (i.e. It always happens - when I try to customise Safari's toolbar. It happens randomly & frequently on many other application as well).

2) Screen rotation causes the CPU to go nuts & the mouse to stop detecting buttons. (Requires re-boot into safe mode & lots of finger crossing to get out of that one!)

3) A Kernel Panic when ever I try to shut down the computer (restart works just fine tho.)

Obviously it seemed to be a grahics kext problem, so I download Natits, Traikis & just about every thing in between.

The latest Traikis works pretty well - even QE is working!!!

But still no cure.

In the meantime, I set up Win XP (for gaming) on another drive (I access it by changing the primary drive in my bios)

I had problems with XP too - it wouldnt boot when I loaded the graphics driver.

However I fixed this by disabling the ATI HDA device using hardware manger - basically it was conflicting (irq's) with the built in soundcard on my mboard - the one I wanted to use.

Now its just occurred to me this is what is happening when I go into OSX - My on-board soundmax HD audio device is conflicting with my graphics card HDA device (though why this would need one God only knows!)

So finally the question is this - does mac OSX have an equivalent to windows device manager so i can disable the GFx cards HDA device?

If not how can I do this without unloading the video kexts?

As you may gather i'm a bit of a noob on macs (let alone Hackintoshes!) - so i'm probably asking a stupid question.

My machine specs are as follows.....


Kalyway 10.5.2 (upgraded today to 10.5.3 with Apple 9.3 kernel)
ATI Radeon HD 2600pro Pcie 10.5.x graphics driver (Traikis)
white Menu Fix
Taruga_AD1988b_rev4 audio driver

Asus P5K3 Deluxe Wifi Intel P35
Intel Core 2 Quad Pro Q6600 95W 2.4GHz SLACR G0
2 Gb Corsair DDR
Sapphire ATi Radeon HD 2600 PRO 512MB DDR2 PCI-E Dual DVI
soundmax AD1988B 7.1 channel surround High Definition Audio
Western Digital 500GB Caviar SE16 SATA II 300

Thanks in advance