I noticed that a few very interesting touchscreen UMPC's with good (~5+) battery life have come out recently, and will be coming out in the very near future. Some examples - Viliv X70, S7, S5 and Samsung Q1EX. There are also a couple convertible netbooks that are close to the edge of being called UMPC's, such as Asus T91 (and Viliv S7 is virtually a convertible netbook, as well).

So, I wanted to get some opinions and links for Hackintosh possibilities on such systems.

I know that one limitation is the fact that these UMPC's use unsupported graphics chips. Namely, the Vilivs all use GMA500. Yet, I've seen a page with a person describing how to get a Sony Vaio P-series working, and it also uses GMA500. Have there been any interesting developments recently, as far as this stuff goes?

I have no idea about the Samsung Q1EX, by the way... It uses a VIA Nano CPU and a VIA Chrome9 graphics chip. Would either of those have a chance of being hackintosh-able?

And the other thing I'm worried about is the touchscreen... What sort of touchscreen support would MacOS have, at all, and what customization options would be available? Using a USB keyboard to set everything up shouldn't be a problem, if all else is OK (which is unlikely), but the beauty of all these UMPC devices is their touchscreen.

Your thoughts on these matters are appreciated. Thanks!