im have a hackintosh whit asrock Wolfdate1333-D667 motherboard R2.0
whit chipset northbridge intel 945GC A2 and southbridge ich7, 4 gb ram ddr2 at 667mhz , GF8500GT 512mb (for audio im use azalea driver)
whit a cpu intel D2C E7200 at 2530mhz 3mb cache and 1066mhz FSB all work fine
sound out not have cracked noise hour time run ok not get des-sincronized
im change my cpu for a intel D2C E8500 (3,17ghz 6mb cache and 1333mhz FSB and things go bad
whit this cpu the time get des-sincronized im put in time write and 2 hours ago the computer have 30/40 min minus (time counter go slow)
when any program try to play a some alert sound or play video or music when star sound get cracked sound/noise for 2 or 3 seconds
if im put the old cpu at 1066mhz all work fine
im put new cpu at 1333mhz and sound and time get bad
if im put a usb audio card (imic audio usb in and out) im have the same efect in imic (the problem not the audio card of the motherboard)
some genius can help me to solve this problem?
last minute
im test whit a E8400 cpu and E8200cpu some at 1333mhz FSB and have the same efect (or defect)