I hope somebody out there can help me with this problem that is making my head spin.

I have a wireless HP Photosmart printer. It is connected to my NetGear Wireless router. My OSX86 is connected to this same router via a wired connection. Also in use are 2 Windows XP machines - one wired to the same router and one wireless. The printer is set up and communicating with the router - let's say the SSID is HOME. The Wired XP machine communicates with the printer just fine, as does the wireless one. When I go through the driver setup on the Mac (OSX86) it gets most of the way through but cannot complete the setup because for some strange reason it says it cannot communicate with the HOME network.

I have been trying to figure this out for quite a while - searching forums, tweaking settings, etc - but nothing works. This same computer can connect just fine to the Internet through the same connection (it's what I'm using now) and can connect to the router setup and even the printer setup when I put the IP address in a browser window. So why doesn't it recognize that it's on the HOME network? This is not a question of sharing a printer connected to a Windows machine. It is a printer connected to a wireless router.

Any thoughts?