Long time lurker, first time poster, so please be nice. I've searched and checked out the HCL, first, but still can't find a solid answer.

I'm considering building myself a new system to dual boot Win 7 with Snow Leopard. I'm an experienced system builder, but never considered a hackintosh before. I'm currently looking at a system similar to this one: Tom's Hardware $1000 Enthusiast PC. I'll skip the HDD as I've got a 1TB Hitachi that's just a couple of months old and I'd like to run Win 7 off an SSD as a boot drive. I'd buy a separate 30-40GB HDD for Snow Leopard and just keep the 1TB drive for common storage. Do you have any advice on getting kexts to work with the hardware in Tom's guide? Please feel free to suggest substitutions.

I understand that Gigabyte MoBos are play well with hackintosh and I've been using them for years, so I could always swap out the suggested Asus with a Giga if the Asus would be more difficult. I'm also not stuck on the MSI video card, if it's a hassle.

Also, what are your thoughts on me building a new hackintosh now that will work with Snow Leopard with Lion just around the corner?

Thanks in advance for your help.